Power Pole Inspections to begin South of Killeen

Dear Members,


Bartlett Electric Cooperative has hired Havlak Inspection to begin inspecting power poles on our system beginning March 20, 2017. This inspection program will include areas near Chaparral Road and continue South along Highway #195 near Mountain Creek Estates. The inspection program will extend East several miles of Highway #195 and continue West near the community of Briggs.

Fred Havlak will be performing the inspections and will be driving a 2016 Silver Dodge Ram 2500 4 door pickup. The truck will have magnetic door signs attached as shown in the picture below. The contractor will utilize a 4 wheeler to travel from pole to pole when possible.


Havlak Inspection will be inspecting the poles, lines, and right of ways for deficiencies to help assure safe dependable service. Crews from Bartlett Electric Cooperative and our construction contractor, S&H Powerline Construction will make repairs and perform maintenance on the line when problems are found. We appreciate our member’s cooperation with our employees and contractors.

 Havlak Inspection will have an introductory letter from Bartlett Electric Cooperative with them at all times which will be available to members upon request. If you need verification that this company is working in your area, or if you have questions about this project, please call the Bartlett office at 254-527-3551.

Thank You,

Bartlett Electric Cooperative

Retired Patronage Capital

“In our continued efforts to keep costs as low as possible, please know that your retired patronage capital will show up as a credit in the December billing, in place of receiving a paper check. This will help avoid the cost of postage, printing, and tracking of paper checks, plus give you the convenience and immediate credit for being a Member.”


Thank you for being a Member!

B-Green Rebates

We have received calls and rebate applications from folks who do not have electrical service within our service area. Although we appreciate anyone making the effort to go green, we would like to inform you that the rebates BEC offers is only for our members.

Thank you,

Bartlett Electric Cooperative Inc.

Co-op Not Affiliated with Third Party Bill Payment Service

We want members to be aware that a company known as Doxo, Inc­­., which is not affiliated with BEC, is using our contact information and reputation to market its online bill payment service to potential customers.

We are not in partnership with Doxo, Inc.

BEC offers secure online bill pay as well as other billing payments. You can access and view all our payment options at www.bartlettec.coop/payment-options/. You can bookmark these sites or save them as favorites on your devices.

As an electric cooperative rooted in the community it serves, BEC puts people – our members – first. Our members matter, and our promise is to continue to look out for you. That’s why we’ve created options for paying your bill that are convenient, secure and trustworthy, and that’s why we’re asking our members to be alert about this issue.

Please contact our office at 254-527-3551 or (toll-free) 512-746-2771 if you have any questions.


“Access My Account” Update

Cyber security is becoming more critical than ever before and we want to ensure that accessing your account (SmartHub) is as secure as possible. As of November 1st, when visiting “ACCESS MY ACCOUNT” you will be required to have the latest version of your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple’s Safari. Please take any necessary steps to upgrade your web browser:

  • Internet Explorer 11+
  • Google Chrome 30+
  • Mozilla Firefox 27+
  • Apple Safari 9.0+
  • Apple Safari (mobile, iPhone) available on iOS 5+ (Upgrade in iPhone settings)
  • Google Android 5.0+ (Android phones, upgrade in settings)

2016 Unclaimed Property Notice

Notice to Owners of Unclaimed Property

Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Inc. has remitted unclaimed property for year 2013 to the State Comptroller’s Office. This includes capital credit checks, credit balances and deposit refunds.

Click Here to view the list of Unclaimed Property owners.

If you are on this list of Unclaimed Property owners, and you have questions, please call the
Accounting Department of Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Inc. at: (254) 527-3831