Pole Inspections Completed

Pole Inspections have been completed West of Salado-North and South of FM 2484 and Including Areas Surrounding Youngsport, Cedar Valley and Mountain Creek Ranch Communities


Dear Members,

February 12, 2018 Havlak Inspection began inspecting poles for Bartlett Electric Cooperative in areas West of I35. The Pole Inspection Program was completed Monday, March 26, 2018. We very much appreciate our members assisting Havlak Inspection with access to their properties to perform this inspection.

Of 3,422 poles inspected, 58 were found to be deficient and will be changed out to meet our specifications. Additional minor maintenance needs were found. These improvements will be performed by Bartlett Electric Cooperative and our contractors, S&H Powerline Construction over the next several months. Thank you again for your help keeping our power lines safe and reliable. If you have any questions, please call me at the Bartlett Electric Cooperative Office 254-527-3551.


Eric VanPraag

Manager of Operations

Bartlett Electric Cooperative



Closed Good Friday (3/30/18)

Pole Inspections Beginning February 2018

Dear Members,

Bartlett Electric Cooperative has hired Havlak Inspection to begin inspecting power poles on our system beginning in February 2018. This inspection program will include areas West of Salado North and South of FM 2484 on the South side of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. The pole inspection program will continue westward to areas in and surrounding the communities of Youngsport, Cedar Valley, and Mountain Creek. This project will take several months to complete.

Jim Havlak will be performing the inspections and will be driving a 2016 Silver Dodge Ram 2500, 4-door pickup. The truck will have magnetic door signs attached as shown in the picture below.
The contractor will utilize an ATV (4-wheeler) to travel from pole to pole when possible.


Havlak Inspection will be inspecting the poles, lines, and right of ways for deficiencies to help assure safe dependable service. Crews from Bartlett Electric Cooperative and our construction contractor, S&H Powerline Construction will make repairs and perform maintenance on the line when problems are discovered. We appreciate our member’s cooperation with our employees and contractors.

Havlak Inspection will have an introductory letter from Bartlett Electric Cooperative with them at all times, which will be available to members upon request. If you need verification that this company is working in your area, or if you have questions about this project, please call the Bartlett office at 254-527-3551.


Eric VanPraag
Manager of Operations
Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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2017 Unclaimed Property Notice

Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Inc. has remitted unclaimed property for year 2014 to the State Comptroller’s Office. This includes capital credit checks, credit balances and deposit refunds.

Click Here to view the list of Unclaimed Property owners.

If you are on this list of Unclaimed Property owners, and you have questions, please call the
Accounting Department of Bartlett Electric Cooperative, Inc. at: (254) 527-3831

Inspiring Update – Assisting Victoria Electric Cooperative

Dear Members,

This is an update (Wednesday, August 30th) on the Hurricane Harvey restoration efforts at Victoria Electric Cooperative (VEC) per Bryan Lightfoot, General Manager/CEO who is on site:

 “As of 6:00 am this morning, Victoria Electric Cooperative has restored power to approximately 9,000 of 22,000 meters. Our second BEC crew arrived yesterday afternoon and went straight to work with Kirby, Shawn, and myself. Yesterday was extremely productive for our crews. We were able to restore power to several communities and subdivisions. All of the VEC Members have been extremely patient and appreciative.

 Last night work concluded at 8:45 pm and at that time the 6 of us stopped at a community restaurant for dinner. After being seated we were informed by the waitress that the owner would be buying our meals. They appreciated our efforts and wanted to show their gratitude. Obviously, we thanked the waitress for their hospitality. But the gratitude didn’t end there. Before we left we had at least three tables of patrons walk over to our table and thank us for coming to help their community. One gentlemen placed a $100 bill on the table and said he wanted to pay for our meal. We informed him that it had been comped. Another lady came over to tell us that her and her husband wanted to buy our meal but since it was paid for, asked if she could give us money for our next meal. We explained we couldn’t accept her money. She began to cry and wanted us to know how much it meant for us to leave our families to assist the people of Victoria. Ironically, this lady’s power had not been restored yet.

 It was obvious to me that last night’s experience at this restaurant meant more to our men than any paycheck. I wish our media could show more moments like this. Communities coming together for a common purpose instead of protesting against one another over political differences.

 Kirby and I will be working with the other four until this evening. After work concludes, Kirby and I will be driving back to Bartlett leaving Shawn, Patrick, Ruben, and Brent to  continue the assistance.

 This experience has been very educational for me and inspirational for all of us. I appreciate all of you sharing our men with the Members of VEC this week. Someday, the Members of Bartlett EC may be in need and I am confident the men and women of VEC will be there to help us.”


Your Bartlett Electric Cooperative


Assisting Victoria Electric Cooperative

Dear Members,

Please know Sunday morning Bartlett dispatched a three man crew to assist Victoria Electric Cooperative (VEC) with Hurricane Harvey restoration efforts.

Per Bryan Lightfoot, CEO/General Manager who is one of the three on site:

“This area has sustained a lot of damage. VEC had 100% of their system de-energized this morning (Sunday). They have restored some areas as of this evening, but still have a lot of meters without power. 

 The City of Victoria has power restored. However, they currently do not have running water.  The two BEC foremen, Shawn and Kirby did great today. They are having to climb poles because the ground is so saturated that the use of bucket trucks is impossible in many areas. They are very good at what they do and are enduring some less than ideal conditions.

 I will update you when possible tomorrow (Monday).”


Your Bartlett Electric Cooperative

Hurricane Harvey Assistance

Dear Members,

Please know your Bartlett Electric Cooperative stands ready to assist in the restoration efforts stemming from Hurricane Harvey.

Of course our priority is to you, our member…and following one of the Seven Principles of Cooperatives, “Cooperation among Cooperatives”, we stand ready to assist our fellow cooperatives with any available resources as well. 

Please know in following this Principle, should Bartlett Electric ever experience a significant weather event, Bartlett Electric can call on fellow Cooperatives to assist as well.

This is one of the many benefits of being a cooperative member and we appreciate your participation.

 – Your Bartlett Electric Cooperative

Pole Inspection Update (5/12/17)

Dear Members,
Bartlett Electric Cooperative hired Havlak Inspection to inspect power poles on our system March 20, 2017. This inspection program included areas near Chaparral Road and continued South along Highway #195 near Mountain Creek Estates. The inspection program extended East several miles of Highway #195 and continued West near the community of Briggs.
Havlak Inspection completed these pole inspections on Thursday, May 11, 2017 and will no longer work in this area. Please be aware that Bartlett Electric Cooperative crews and S&H Powerline Construction, our Powerline Contractors will continue working in these areas correcting deficiencies found which may include pole change outs.
We appreciate our member’s cooperation with our employees and contractors. If you any have questions about this project, please call the Bartlett office at 254-527-3551.
Thank You,
Bartlett Electric Cooperative