Brazos EPC Member Co-ops Statement

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., Bartlett Electric Cooperative’s power provider, announced March 1 that it has filed for Chapter 11 Financial Restructuring protection, stemming from the financial impact of February’s unprecedented polar vortex.

The announcement by Brazos EPC will not affect the delivery of electricity to our members, and we do not anticipate any significant increase to the overall cost of the electricity we provide. Bartlett EC has a long history of working with Brazos EPC and its leadership team, and we will continue to work with Brazos EPC management as they seek to restructure their operations. Most important, we will remain focused on the impact of this decision for our co-op’s members and employees.

Brazos EPC, like Bartlett EC, is a member-owned and member-led cooperative. As a power generation and transmission co-op, Brazos EPC provides wholesale electricity and operates the high-voltage transmission lines that deliver electricity to the 16 electric co-ops that own it.

Even though the longer-term impact of the recent extreme weather are still being assessed, we continue to work diligently on behalf of our members and employees as we learn from this event. Throughout this assessment and learning process, we pledge to keep our members and the general public informed every step of the way.

At Bartlett EC, we will continue to focus on our primary mission: providing safe and reliable energy solutions to our members at a fair price. It’s a commitment that has guided our business for more than 80 years.

– BEC Power