Notice of Financing Order

Bartlett Electric Cooperative’s Board of Directors adopted a Financing Order pursuant to Senate Bill 1580, codified at Texas Utilities Code §§ 41.151 – 41.163, at its August 25, 2022 Board meeting.
The Financing Order authorizes Bartlett Electric Cooperative to utilize securitization financing to recover extraordinary costs and expenses incurred due to Winter Storm Uri in February 2021. The financing is expected to close by the end of 2022.  
The financing will allow Bartlett Electric Cooperative to spread these extraordinary costs and expenses over an extended period of time and will allow Bartlett Electric Cooperative to keep your monthly bills lower than they would be absent securitization.
The securitized charges will be irrevocable, will be adjusted from month-to-month to pay the bonds, and will be included in member monthly bills starting in or about January 2023.