Support SB 1983 / HB 4590
Electric Co-op rate payer reduction program image

As you know, Winter Storm URI 2021 was devastating. The extraordinary costs associated with this one week storm will be paid by you in higher electricity bills for the next 28 years. But the Texas Legislature has a $32 billion surplus due to excess tax revenue collections and they can help offset these extraordinary costs by passing SB 1983 or HB 4590

The following state legislators are supporting these efforts, and they deserve a Thank-You call or email from you.

State Senator Charles Schwertner (Joint Author on SB 1983)
(512) 463-0105 |

State Senator Lois Kolkhorst (Co-Author on SB 1983)
(512) 463-0118 |

State Rep. Stan Gerdes (Co-Author on HB 4590)
(512) 463-0682 |

State Rep. Brad Buckley (Co-Author of HB 4590)
(512) 463-0684 |

State Rep. Hugh Shine (Co-Author of HB 4590)
(512) 463-0630 |

The following state legislators have not yet signed on as a co-author on these direct ratepayer relief bills. Please call or email your elected officials and ask them to support these bills by being a co-author!

State Senator Pete Flores
(512) 463-0124 |
* Ask Sen. Flores to support SB 1983 by being a co-author.

State Rep. Terry Wilson
(512) 463-0309 |
* Ask Rep. Wilson to support HB 4590 by being a co-author.

State Rep. Caroline Harris
(512) 463-0670 |
* Ask Rep. Harris to support HB 4590 by being a co-author.